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Efficiency-boosting multi-modal workspaces

Home to spaces from 300 to 5,000 m2 with customisable façades, the PULSE building puts the emphasis on personalised workspaces tweaked and tailored to every resident’s needs. Each space here is simultaneously standalone and interconnected, equipped with all the operational facilities your company needs to succeed.
Go with
the flow
Optimised logistic flows keep every mode of transport in its own lane within the PULSE ecosystem.

Easy, seamless product flows

PULSE has reinvented the logistics of transporting goods, both within a single building and outside, for maximum efficiency gains.

Aim higher

PULSE has revolutionised the structure underpinning logistic flows with a series of vertical links, interconnecting different floors with goods elevators to maximise efficiency.
In a shift away from legacy logistics centre practices that traditionally structure horizontally over a single large floor, our integrated flows for goods and people throw out the rulebook.
Expect drastically reduced distances goods have to travel thanks to elevators and lifts, resulting in smooth, efficient flows for both merchandise and people.
Fully flexible,
100% modular
From an international biopharmaceutical company to an e-commerce brand and a specialist sports goods manufacturer, PULSE treats all its residents to custom-made solutions in line with their needs, thanks to its innovative approach and modular spaces.

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24,237 m²
24,237 m² available
0% occupied
-1 10,900 m² 44 Sp. reserved
-2 13,337 m² 30 Sp. reserved

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Technical description

Efficient &
  • A central artery to improve flow
  • 12 loading bays
  • Same-level delivery
  • Two basement levels
  • 448 car parking spaces and 40 spaces for goods vehicles
  • Underground storage spaces
  • 5 goods elevators and lifts per building
  • Up to 2 tonne/m2 floor load capacity
Flexible, versatile
  • Ultra-flexible units: from 300 to 5,000 m2
  • Adaptable ceiling heights: from 5.70 m to 2.90 m, and the option to create double-height spaces
  • Custom façades with possibility of floor-to-ceiling glazing
  • Private entrances: six private entrances per building, including five with goods elevator and lift
Possibility for
  • Raw surfaces with energy supply
  • Vertical ventilation ducts