Case study



A start-up seeking a space built for scaling

A specialist medtech start-up is looking for a foothold in a region packed with health industry opportunities. The company is growing fast, adding global talent to its roster and scoping for a base where its international team can feel at home.

With its R&D efforts picking up pace, the company needs a workspace agile enough to support its ever-shifting innovation work.

The must-haves? First, the company needs a space that can be carved up and configured for different uses – from labs, to production facilities, data centres, and admin offices. Next, with a lot of large, heavy equipment to install, the start-up needs a hub with the space and specs to take on its tech. Finally, with its sights set on future R&D partnerships, the company needs a space that can be changed and rearranged without the need for a structural overhaul or a pause in work.


The space to grow. The flexibility to change.

PULSE is tasked with sketching the blueprint for a specialist start-up work environment. Everything about the space has to be flexible – ready to adapt as the company grows.


With R&D, research & innovation, research labs and production labs to accommodate, the design also has to accommodate some niche needs


Two workspaces, separate but in sync

Armed with the client’s wish list, PULSE brings together a multidisciplinary team with expertise across architecture and medtech to come up with a custom plan. They propose two distinct but complementary workspaces for the company:

  • An R&D space for pre-clinical production research and testing
  • High-spec labs equipped with state-of-the-art specialised immunotherapy technology, capable of producing high-level biotech results (ISO 5 Grade A, as well as ISO 7 Grade C and ISO 8)

Buoyed by networking efforts and a strong HR strategy, the company’s location gives it new visibility, as well as a fresh pool of talent and contacts from world-leading labs.


International recognition. Accelerated growth.

Over time, the company gathers steam,  successfully developing a new product and boosting its visibility on the world stage. All while forging vital public- and private-sector partnerships in the fast-moving Swiss market.