Case study



High performance meets high security

A major global biopharma company is searching for a site to house the biotech and chemical divisions of its operation.


As a pioneer in health, biotech, and cleantech R&D, the company boasts world-class staff with an international outlook. Set in Switzerland’s Health Valley – a global centre for medtech and home to the likes of EPFL, UCB and MERCK – PULSE is an ideal setting.


Big operations. Big demands.

With large specialist equipment and significant numbers of staff to look after, the biotech and chemicals divisions need space, and lots of it. Not just that, the site has to look good, feel good, and run smoothly, all while complying with carbon-slashing eco standards.


Sensitive projects call for watertight security. Access must be limited to approved personnel, confidentiality and intellectual property closely protected, and teams’ physical safety covered at all times.


Light, bright, spacious and secure

PULSE steps up to the challenge, transforming all 21,500m2 of Building A into a single perfect-for-purpose site for both the biotech and chemicals divisions.

People can only access the sites, floors, or building they need to, depending on what user group they fall into – visitors, deliveries, handling, etc. In spaces where cleanliness and containment are key, a high-performing ventilation system changes air at rates high enough for BSL2 labs, and there’s provision for scalable high-voltage equipment.

For life beyond the lab, there’s a wealth of green space where staff can relax, and a suite of on-site services so people have what they need where they need it… plus places to bond and unwind.


At the top of its game

Thanks to PULSE’s bespoke solutions, the company ramps up efficiency and raises its profile in an ultra-specialist sector. While cutting-edge design keeps the building’s running costs low, its layout and specs meet every one of the company’s needs. Fully modular spaces that can be configured and reconfigured, high ceilings, and layouts designed for zero-friction movement of traffic around different parts of the building: it all adds up to a company working at the top of its game.

PULSE offers a plug & play lab experience, meaning the company doesn’t need to make major modifications before it can move in and get to work. As a major new Health Valley player, the company brings gains to the region, opening the door to bold new partnerships.